Dr Irini Theodorakopoulou


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Dr. Irini Theodorakopoulou is an expert on rural innovation management and supply chain economics and organization. Since 2001 she is employed by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food. Currently she is posted as research associate at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute of the National Agricultural Research Foundation. Dr Theodorakopoulou received her BA and MS in Agricultural Economics from the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece (1994), and her Ph.D.in Agribusiness Economics from the University of Missouri at Columbia, USA (1999). Her research focuses on innovation management and implementation tailored to agribusiness firms. Her research interests are directed towards bringing together core competencies of policy development, research, extension, strategic appraisal and business planning, socio-economic and environmental impact analysis to create an integrated framework that can be used by rural stakeholders. She has participated in several projects funded by the European Union as well as local and regional government authorities.